Ashtanga Yoga challenge 11/16-12/18

Looking to amp up your Yoga practice & build more strength  ?   Ashtanga yoga may be just the thing for you!

Ashtanga Yoga style is a dynamic series of postures that physically builds heat, deepens the range of movement in your joins and build strength.  It is a breathing system with focus on initiating the movements with the breath. The series of poses are eventually committed to memory so that practice can be a moving meditation. It is a practice that builds over time and something that can grow with you. Ashtanga can build to a daily spiritual ritual where you take time to connect internally to a deep sense of yourself requires dedication. You will perform the postures more often so will actually see results faster, building strength, stamina and flexibility at a far greater rate

Less is more! Doing less every day and building a practice up over time is mostly recommended. Which is why Solfull is designing a manageable challenge with expert guidance from guest teacher Emily to build this practice into your body and lifestyle safely. The primary series is called Yoga Chikitsa which means yoga therapy and in this respect it is a therapeutic practice that balances out the body. It is important to respect the process and respect the body in relationship to the asana.

Some of the benefits of completing the 45 day Ashtanga Challenge are:

  • Improved mental concentration.
  • An hour of Yoga a day can give two hours or more of increase productivity.
  • Be more calm to handle whatever life throws at you.
  • Make smarter, faster decisions and s**t just gets done.
  • You feel like drinking alcohol less.
  • Be physically stronger while your body feels a lot lighter.
  • Increase in sexual stamina.
  • Feel more balanced and centered.
  • Fall asleep faster and wake up less in the night.
  • Have more energy to do things throughout your day.

So as the winter comes in, NOW is the time to get on the ramp with your yoga practice. So in the cold mornings, you have energy, dynamism and mental clarity that carries you though your days. And, whats even better, this energy, dynamism and mental clarity is CONTAGEOUS… your family, friends and colleagues will see this, fell this energy and you will fell a deep and rewarding sense of good in your life.

Heres how it works:

Register online and pay upfront ( you know if you pay now you’ll be motivated to show up!)Attend the Ashtanga Primary Series workshop in the 14th of November 2-4.30.Book your FREE 1-1 with Emily to plan your challenge so its achievable for you and suits your lifestyle, current yoga practice.Commit to a 2x-3x Taught Ashtanga Classes a week.Commit to 2 x Home self practice sessions a week.Pick up your FREE cheat sheet and challenge punch card.Join the Ashtanga Challenge Face Book groups, so you and your challenge friends can share

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv


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About yogarlene

Arlene is a 300 hr E-RYT with 25 years of yoga experience. Arlene has trained extensively with her teacher Elena Brower as well as many other teachers she finds inspiring such as Dana Flynn, Shiva Rae, Coleen Saidman & Sharon Gannon. She is a mama of 3, a yoga teacher and a devoted student. Arlene is the owner of Sol full Yoga in Monroe, NY and is honored to serve and share her love of Yoga

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